My anxiety has been at an all time high these last few weeks. Not only do I have to move out of my place in the next 7-10 days, but I also have a LONG vacation coming up at the end of August (hellloooo Greece). Clearly not an ideal situation, but hey…things happen.

I’ve moved quite a few times in the last 10 years (7 times to be exact). At this point, I’m confident enough to say that I’m an above-average packer. I pack quickly and always manage to know where everything is at all times. Sure, packing properly can be considered “common sense”, but I can attest that I did not have common sense at age 19. Probably little to none, actually. I’ve picked up on some solid packing rules in recent years, and seeing these through this time around has really helped keep me focused this last week! For those of you moving in the near future, including you college go-ers (ugh…I envy you…hard), hopefully these tips help de-stress your move at least a little.

Packing TipsThis should apply if you have a small place (i.e. live in a one-2 bedroom apartment). If you have a house house (like 3+ bedrooms)…I have zero idea how far in advance you should pack, but it’s safe to assume you should start before the 2 week mark. I tend to procrastinate in most areas of my life, but the stress that comes along with moving is no joke, and I personally can’t handle waiting last minute. Get your movers scheduled a couple weeks ahead of time, you’ll feel a million times better once you have that appointment in the books. Unless you have superhuman friends, I HIGHLY recommend against moving yourself. I’ve tried and failed epically. The few hundred bucks for movers is worth your sanity.Packing TipsGarage, closets, attic, storage units. These places should be cleared out first. I promise that you’ve collected more garbage in these places than you’d like to think. I had old boxes from electronics I bought years ago stored in my closet – why?! Create a pile of items you want to donate and another pile for things that need to be trashed. Once you tackle this mystery areas, you’ll already feel more at ease. Packing TipsDo yourself a favor and pack one room at a time. Maybe spread it out over a few days. It makes the entire project more manageable, and you don’t have to set aside the entire day to pack. Keep your essentials separate and pack everything else.Packing TipsOut-of-season clothing & shoes should be boxed first. I started with my winter coats, sweaters, and boots, knowing I wouldn’t need those for awhile (but with our weather, who knows really). It’s a great strategy, because you’ll already have nearly half of your closet packed, and will still have access to the things you need for a couple of weeks.Packing TipsPack your essentials last (the day before), and put them all in one box that’s clearly identified. It will save you the headache of rummaging through boxes upon boxes for your pajamas and toothbrush. I always like to include a few outfits in this box so I don’t have to stress about what I’m going to wear to work when all my things are packed away. It allows for more leisurely unpacking – because we all know how much we dread that part.

Do you have packing rules you live by? Would love to hear your strategies! I’m still packing away, so any tips you have to make this a little less awful would be much appreciated:)

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