Annnnd I’m back! I feel like I’ve been gone for ages, yet at the same time my vacation didn’t feel long enough (does it ever?!). I can’t wait to share more details on our trip – we had the chance to explore new islands, eat tons of Greek food (went overboard as we always do), spend quality time with close friends AND celebrated a wedding. All in all, it was an amazing trip and it came and went too fast. I can’t wait to share more juicy dets next week!

Though my post-vaca blues have officially kicked in, the fact that my skin is on point right now has softened the blow a bit. Relaxing on the beach for a week straight definitely has it’s benefits (as long as you wear SPF 30+!), and I’m determined to keep this look going for as long as possible post-beach life. Below are my tried and tested ways (7 to be exact) to get the lovely dewy summer skin we all strive for –

  1. Jojoba Oil: Use it to moisturize before bed and/or mix it in your moisturizer in the AM for extra hydration and a nice glow.
  2. Face Gloss: This has been my latest obsession, and I’ve sold several friends on it too! Cheek kisses may be a tad sticky, but it is SO worth the potential judgement that’s passed on said sticky cheeks. I’m currently on the hunt for a tinted eye gloss, so I’ll be sure to share my favorite finds in the coming weeks!
  3. Hydrate With a Greek Yogurt Mask: I haven’t done this mask in a hot minute, but am getting back on it this week! Do it once a week (or up to 3x a week) and your skin will never feel dry again.
  4. Mist Away: This especially comes in handy when traveling, as it gives skin extra hydration on long flights.
  5. Self Tan: Let’s not forget about faking & baking! It’s always an option, just be cautious of the Oompa Loompa effect (I’ve been using these tanning wipes for nearly two years now and love them).
  6. Exfoliate With a Coffee Scrub: Exfoliating is a commonly neglected step in skincare routine, but it can make a massive difference in appearance. This coffee scrub is easy to make and works wonders, just be sure to rinse your sink/bathtub immediately after use to avoid staining.
  7. Highlight Cheek and Brow Bones: If you want more of a glittery look, use a highlighter on your cheek and brow bones. This one from Nars is a favorite of mine – it’s not greasy and gives a beautiful, natural shimmer.

Ways to get dewy skin