After months of dealing with my constantly dying iPhone 6 (not to mention the constant “low on storage” warning), I finally pulled the trigger and bought the iPhone 7 Plus – yup, I even upgraded the size of my screen! I can’t tell you how many times my iPhone 6 battery gave out on me during critical moments – i.e. while my Uber was on the way to pick me up #firstworldproblems. With all that said, you can imagine how excited I was to finally get a bigger screen, better battery life & an incredible camera!

One thing I have yet to purchase is a phone case. I HATE that phone cases take away from the beauty of the iPhone – I mean, the hardware is just too pretty to hide – but they are so necessary. I’ve cracked my old phone’s screen one too many times, and now that I have a new shiny device, I feel like I should attempt to take better care of it. Here are some stylish cases I’ve been eying lately – shop via the links below (I clearly have a thing for marble – ha)!

Unique iPhone 7 Cases1. Chill Pill 3D Case – $38

2. Grey Matter Marble Case – $25

3. Case-Mate Mother of Pearl Case – $40

4. Marble & Copper Case – $30

5. Starry Eyed Case – $35

6. Leather Case in Midnight Blue – $31

7. Raw Conrete & Leather Case – $30

8. Vintage Wood Case – $24

9. Black Wood Case – $26

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