I should have started experimenting with hair removal much sooner than I did. I blame that on my mom (sorry Mom, you know it’s true). I was a 5th grader with a unibrow and a mustache, and grade school kids have no remorse. Things were rough.

My first experience with hair removal was when my mustache was addressed in junior high. I started with wax, which ended horrendously at times…i.e. scabbing at the edge of my lips where I cringed every time I opened my mouth. My girls out there who’ve waxed their upper lip – I know you’ve felt this pain. No one deserves to go through this. Despite my traumatic experiences, I bought my own wax warmer and started waxing my legs, upper lip, bikini, etc all on my own. It was just easier and cheap…and ultimately better than shaving. But after years of waxing, the ingrowns worsened, my face became more and more sensitive to the wax, and I realized it wasn’t worth the effort given my hair would grow back in 7-10 days (yes, it grows freakishly fast). It was time to try something different.


I don’t know where I’d be without laser hair removal (probably back to my 5th grade self). I started this up about 8 years back and stopped for 3-4 years before picking it up again, and the results I’m seeing are incredible. I’ve shaved my legs TWICE since June…and that doesn’t mean that I’m rocking hairy legs (though there is nothing wrong with that if it’s your jam)! The hair grows back at an extremely slow pace and when it comes back it’s thinner and less. Laser is quick, less painful than most hair removal methods (in my opinion), and clean. No wax to clean up afterwards, little maintenance in between sessions. It’s amazing for tackling hair in large areas. The drawback is that it’s not permanent…the hair is reduced and maintenance sessions are required from time to time. BUT, it’s worth every penny. Don’t let the price tag scare you. If you add up all the professional waxes you get in one year, the price probably ends up being the same.

A few tips – pop an Advil 30 mins before you go to relieve some of the pain, shave the hair where it’s grown back before your session to ensure it hits the root, and check what it costs to get a full body session vs. specific areas as it’s usually more cost effective to tackle it all at once!


Interestingly enough, laser didn’t work well on my face. The hair would grow back thicker in some cases and quicker than in other areas. I decided to go back to the basics to tackle my facial hair… electrolysis. Most people think electrolysis is an ancient method of hair removal that no longer exists. Believe me, it’s still around and it WORKS. It does take more time and patience than laser –  sitting under a bright light and get poked with a needle for an extended period of time is not fun. However, it’s effective and PERMANENT, which is something you can’t say about laser. Thanks to electrolysis, my mustache is gone, along with a few fine hairs on my jaw line & sideburns (yes, I had sideburns too). Electrolysis is the way to go for smaller areas like the face.

A few tips – Advil works here too, but if you can, use a numbing cream to cover the area you’re getting zapped. Icing the area beforehand also helps! Call for a consultation to get an idea of how much time you need (as you typically pay by the hour). Be super careful with your skin after the sessions as your pores are open and can collect bacteria. I avoid makeup for 24 hours after my appointments!