All of the dishes we have in the house have simple, minimalist designs. I never thought I’d need or want anything else! Until, earlier this year, I came across these adorable salad plates at West Elm. Leo and I both fell in love with the silly portraits of various animals dressed as humans, and we immediately purchased a few that happened to be on clearance (this was right around Christmastime).

Since then, we’ve noticed that with every new season the designer, Rachel Kozlowski, comes out with a new set of plates. The attire changes as the seasons do – from birds in pullover sweaters in the winter, to sharks in bikinis in the summer. She recently released her fall line, and they’re more colorful than ever. We couldn’t help but buy every single design this season, they’re just too cute. We’ve slowly built a collection of about 15 plates – it’s been nice to switch things up and add some color to our kitchen cabinets! You can shop the dishes below –

Animal Print PlatesSeasonal Salad PlatesDapper Animal Salad PlatesWest Elm Animal PlatesDapper Fall Plates