This is the time of year when I wish I was tanner than I actually am. It’s too soon to have any color because we’re just starting to get some sunshine, but it feels like summer so I feel like I should have a little somethin’ somethin’. If my face is a little tan, my makeup looks better, and I get that “dewy” look everyone strives for.

I made my usual bi-monthly (or monthly really – who am I kidding) Sephora trip a few weeks back, and decided to give Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads a shot. I’ve heard from friends that they work well, and they get stellar reviews so…what did I have to lose?

I cannot stress enough how much I love these pads. I get the natural tone that I want without looking orange (I specifically asked the Sephora employee if these would make me orange, and she reassured me that they wouldn’t). I made the mistake of using this product two days in a row – definitely not recommended. I’d say once or twice a week should suffice.

I really like that they’re simple to use, all you have to do is rub the pad in circular motions on your face and neck either in the AM or PM. I prefer the PM because I can go to bed and wake up with a killer tan (heyoooo!). Make sure you wash your hands after application…and that’s it. Really.

If you’re feeling a bit pasty lately, these pads are calling your name. Give them a try – you’ll be so happy with the results (I even gave them to my mom to try and she approved!).

Happy sunless tanning 🙂

Dr. Dennis Gross Glow PadsDr. Dennis Gross Glow Pads