What’s my favorite color this season? Mint green, no doubt. I don’t know when or how I became so obsessed with this color, but it’s officially a thing. Now that I think about it, I’m crushing on pastels lately in general. Maybe it’s the time of year, or maybe I’m going through a phase. Either way, I’m owning it!

I had a family luncheon for a baptism in Andersonville on Sunday, and I was SO excited to finally bring out this mint green cropped sweater. I rarely have a more formal event to dress for (yes, this is formal for me, sad), so I was looking forward to getting dolled up and putting on wedges for a change. I even straightened my hair (which, as you know, is a rarity). Before the lunch, I walked around the neighborhood, because I don’t get to go up there often. My parents used to take us there frequently when we were kids, mainly for Swedish Bakery, which recently closed (I’m still getting over this). Almost every single one of my birthday cakes was from this bakery – I was a big fan of their marzipan cake – so I was really sad to see them close after all of these years. Ahhhh…nostalgia.

Backkkk to the outfit! I’ve worn this cropped sweater over a slip dress with sneakers, but I’ve found it also looks great over an oversized white button down. With a pair of cropped grey skinny pants, chunky wedges, big sunnies and my mom’s vintage Gucci, this outfit was the perfect balance of neutrals and a touch of color for a lunch out in the city.


Cropped Sweater and oversized white blouseCropped pants with oversized blouseBell SleevesMint Green Cropped SweaterBell Sleeve Crop Top with White Button Down