Lately, I feel like I’m just going through the motions. Between preparing the new house for the move (UGH, nope…still hasn’t happened yet), packing up final things, and ramping up the busiest time of year at work, I nearly forgot about my birthday.

I turned 29 on Saturday. For some reason, this is the first year it’s hit me that 30 is RIGHT around the corner. I find myself looking back on my early twenties and thinking about how much things have changed. It’s funny how we automatically associate change with negative. I’ve caught myself romanticizing the past, remembering only the highs & not the lows. After doing some reflecting this weekend, I realized how much I’ve grown the last few years. That’s a positive, isn’t it?! I need to embrace what comes with stage of life. It’s amazing in so many ways, particularly the self awareness & confidence element that was non-existent at age 22. I’ve also learned to appreciate that there is a time and a place for everything…the people I’ve crossed paths with, decisions I’ve made, things I prioritized at different points in my life. They all happened for a reason. I know that sounds SUPER cheesy, but I truly believe it. Bottom line is, I’ve never felt so comfortable in my own skin, and that is definitely a perk that comes with getting older & wiser :).

Here are a few nuggets from across the web that have recently inspired & motivated me to be more present in this beautiful thing we call life.

  1. Life is a Cycle of happiness, sadness, clarity, and confusion. This basically sums up how I’m feeling right now. We’re on this emotional roller coaster – one day we feel great, and the next we find ourselves terrified of change, reminiscing about easier more carefree times. A quote that really stuck with me from this post: “Change can be amazingly freeing, because in moments of loneliness or confusion, you can trust that there will also be moments of deep love, connection, and clarity” (
  2. All humans, particularly those of us who struggle with tuning out negative thoughts, can appreciate this illustration – I wish my brain had a bouncer. Made me smile (
  3. 10 Ways to Stay Inspired for Life. Though this article is written from an entrepreneurship/business lens, I believe staying inspired can influence your life outside of just work. I particularly love the one about music (we ALWAYS have music on in the house, and it really does impact the mood), and gratitude (
  4. With the election craziness, I think we could all use a few moments to unwind and get our thoughts straight…this kitten meditation video should do the trick 🙂 (
  5. This time lapse video of Minnesota will calm your soul – never realized how beautiful it is up there! (