Annnd surprise, it’s December. Did it sneak up on you too? We just had our first snow yesterday in Chicago, and it was a nice little reminder that winter is officially here. Time to revisit my “get through the winter” strategy, because I’m already struggling over here.

It’s been a hectic month for us – I’m relieved the move is all over & done with. If you follow me on Insta, I’m sure you’ve seen some of my recent furniture purchases! I’m not going to lie, it’s been a very stressful few weeks as we’ve been slammed with chores & errands on top of the usual holiday craziness. Both Leo and I are missing the days where we slept in and watched TV all day. I forgot what it’s like to have nothing to do! Hopefully, we’ll be able to enjoy one of the days soon. In the meantime, I’m trying to take things one day at a time and stay sane.

Here are some articles from around the web that have helped me get through the stressful days this month. I hope they help you too!

  1. We can all agree that music helps with stress relief, but there’s a song out there that actually reduces anxiety by up to 65%! This is scientifically proven, people. Check out the song here (
  2. I’ve been eating terribly lately and have cut down on my workouts because I’ve just been mentally exhausted. I’m trying to break the bad habits I’ve developed over the last couple of months and get back on track. It takes 66 days for a habit to form, and 66 days to break it. I love how this article breaks down how to break a bad habit for good – the short term goals help make it less overwhelming & more achievable.
  3. 4 easy ways to practice gratitude – believe me, it will make you happier & more appreciative, and you can start today (
  4. I never realized that Britain was so beautiful. These photos are so calming (
  5. I know that I am my own worst critic, and I often don’t risks or push myself to achieve something because I’m afraid of failure. This post on breaking the self-doubt habit is so inspiring. We so often wait in hopes that we’ll one day have the confidence to try something new – remember that “the actions of confidence come first; the feelings of confidence come later” (