As a former Nordstrom employee (Nordy’s basically paid for all my bar tabs in college), I get particularly excited about the Anniversary Sale every summer. I remember back in the day the chaos that would ensue the first day of Anniversary – running “dump” (what we called tried on clothes that had to be put back – WHY did we call it “DUMP”?!!), fighting for the best Anniversary shifts (the first day of the sale mornings were always best!), making sure the floor was spic & span after hundreds of people had rummaged through. Things have changed a bit now with presale & early access, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the killer deals!

For the Nordstrom rookies out there, this sale is all brand new fall gear marked down. Once the sale is over, whatever inventory is left gets marked up to regular price, so now is the time to go cray. I will be the first to admit I’m not one who shops in stores much anymore, but this is an event I show up for.

Now we’re in the phase of “early access”, which means you can only shop if you’re a Nordstrom Credit or Debit card holder (if you’re not, find a friend who is STAT). Otherwise, everyone will be able to shop from 7/21-8/6! I’ve linked to my favorite products below – so so many good things to choose from. Shop away!

Nsale accessories 2017

nsale coats & jackets
nsale denim 2017
nsale dresses 2017
nsale shoes 2017
nsale skirts 2017
nsale sweaters 2017