Happy April – did you get fooled this weekend?! Luckily I didn’t, which I attribute to Leo being out of town. I spent time catching up with friends on Friday at Dove’s (we wanted to hit up Big Star but of course the wait was outrageous per usual), and Saturday I got things done around the house. We have visitors staying with us next week and I want to make sure the house is in good shape before they arrive! I’m usually scrambling to prepare last minute and wanted to avoid that this go round. I’m sure I’ll be scrambling still but at least I tried #oldhabitsdiehard.

A few weeks back, I came across a few awesome vintage finds, one of which was this chic red blazer (based on the intense shoulder pad situation, my guess is that it’s from the 80’s). I’m not normally a red kind of girl, but I’ve been SUPER into it lately. Maybe it was the inspo from NYFW? Whatever it is, I’m not fighting it! Anyway, it’s such a cool piece but depending on the outfit, it could look either edgy & cool or extra frumpy. I obviously was going for the edgy vibe, so I wore it with my Spiderman vintage tee (I’ve had this thing for years and haven’t gotten sick of it yet) and my go-to high waisted wide leg jeans. I topped off the look with my silver strappy sandals – I usually only rock these in the evening, but they were too perfect for this look so I had to do it!


Women's Vintage BlazerVintage Graphic Tee with Blazer Graphic Tee with Blazer