It’s so refreshing to be out and about the last few weeks. I’m officially out of hibernation! I even left the house without a jacket on a couple of days last week. I find it so liberating to not have to match a jacket with my outfit (#firstworldproblems)! Bottom line is, I love spring because it means warmer weather is on the way. Here in Chicago, it’s the time of year when you actually start seeing other humans that live in the city. Where were these people all winter? Likely hiding under blankets on their sofas like everyone else.

I like to put together a “bucket list” for each season (except I realized that I didn’t do one for winter, probably because the last thing I want to do is leave my house when it’s 15 degrees out – haha). Here’s what I have on my list this spring!

PS – this pic is from summer 2 years ago – I forgot how short my hair was!

We have a ton of planters on our roof deck (thanks to the previous owner who was a bachelor that was apparently really into gardening). Given it’s a south facing deck, we get sunlight all day which I’ve been told is the perfect situation for a vegetable garden. I’m not a gardener – I have zero skills in that department – but this my mom’s area of expertise! I’m excited to grow my own tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers…we’ll see how it goes! I’ll be sure to share some tips once we plant everything.I’m too terrified to ride a bike in the city – I tried to ride it to work once when I worked in the loop, and the terror I endured has traumatized me ever since. That said, I do miss riding a bike. I just need to be on a legit trail where the chances of me getting hit by a car are slim to none. There are tons of gorgeous trails in the city, including the lake front trail. I’d love to go on a long bike ride up north and stop at different neighborhoods along the way. I never make it up to the northern neighborhoods so it would be a fun adventure!

This one has been on my list for a while! I’m not a beer drinker, but I’ve heard amazing things about the new-ish Lagunitas brewery that opened up in Chicago. I actually enjoy doing tasting tours, it’s fascinating to learn about how much thought & precision goes into making this stuff! I’m trying to plan a group outing to the brewery in the next month or so. They’re supposed to have great food as well, we shall see!

I’ve lived in the Wicker Park/Noble Square area for 3+ years, but I used to hang out in the West Loop where Leo used to live way more often. I’m looking forward to exploring our neighborhood more this spring & summer – there are so many restaurants I haven’t tried and shops I have yet to check out!

I’m long overdue for a girls weekend! I haven’t taken my trips as of late just because of all of the house expenses, and also needing to be here to get everything sorted (furniture deliveries, contractors coming in for specific projects, selecting tile, etc). I have a work trip coming up in San Fransisco, and I’m thinking about turning it into a long weekend trip where I’ll spend time with my cousins that live out there. I’m SO looking forward to it!