It’s been a crazy couple of weeks of travel from both a personal and business perspective, but I’m finally back to the grind. It’s strange leaving Chicago in the summer and coming back to [almost] fall. However, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m ready for pumpkin spice, ankle boots and chunky sweaters. Bring it!

The trend I’m most excited to wear this fall is the bomber jacket. I’ve always been a bomber jacket kind of girl, but I’m loving the fact that it’s now acceptable to wear them with basically ANYTHING. I seriously can’t come up with one thing you can’t wear a bomber with. Not only does it serve a purpose of keeping you nice and cozy in the fall weather, but a bomber can also be a statement piece. Talk about functional fashion! Okay, I’m clearly psyched about this…you get it. Here are a few bombers I’m drooling over lately, click on the images below to shop.

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