I’m back!!! I feel like I’ve been gone forever. I took a little hiatus as I was in San Francisco last week. I extended what was meant to be a work trip and crashed with my cousin (who lives there) for the weekend. We lucked out with beautiful weather, so I spent a lot of time walking around, exploring new neighborhoods, eating tasty food. It was really nice to take some time to unplug – much needed. Now I’m refreshed and ready to get back in the swing of things!

I know I sound like a broken record, but seriously…the house has been our lives as of late. We’re finally wrapping up the renovations (will have a new room to share in the coming weeks!) and are starting to focus more on furniture & decor. The most stressful furniture purchases were the couches…and luckily, we ordered these first knowing we’d need them the most. Couches are BIG purchases, and given so much shopping is now done online, it’s makes it even more stressful! It’s scary to pull the trigger on something you haven’t seen in real life.

We, naturally, did a ton of research before deciding on which couches to get. My definition of “affordable” in this case is couches under $2K – if you’re looking to spend under $1K, Ikea is your best friend (we actually purchased this Ikea couch in light grey for the office – it’s great!). Urban Outfitters is another go-to if you’re looking to buy a couch on the real cheap! We got this Urban Outfitters couch for our den upstairs (you can see it here). For the living room, we wanted something nicer, knowing we would be using it the most & would have it forever – or however long couches last nowadays (better be a long time given the investment!). I wanted to share with you where we were shopping & what we ended up with – aka all of the below places are vetted!



If I’m being honest, I love everything on this website. However, their couches are one of a kind. I dig the mid-century style in general, but I appreciate how Article builds off the mid-century look and turns it into something of their own. Their materials and colors are on point too – every color is the best shade it can be for a sofa. And velvet couches..I’m glad you’re back. Please say a while.

My favs: Sven, Alcott, Quadra



I will say that there are things at CB2 that are a tad overpriced, but the couches are not one of them. The quality is great, and the selection of materials & colors couldn’t be better. They’re worth every penny! We’ve always been fans of Cb2 – we recently purchased our bed from there – so figured we’d check out their couches too. I’m glad we did, because we bought not one but TWO couches! Well, one couch and one daybed, to be exact. If you’re looking for a deep couch & don’t want to break the bank, CB2 has the best options. I’m typically more of form vs. comfort kind of gal, but I’m happy Leo taught me the importance of seat depth! It makes a world of a difference.

My favs (outside of the ones we bought): Lenyx, Brava, Uno


Joy Bird

Another one with amazing mid-century inspired pieces! Aside from their awesome sofas, Joy Bird offers a 365 day home trial & unlimited furniture delivery for one flat fee. Being able to test out the sofa for ONE YEAR definitely eases the stress of making the purchase online. PS – they also have a 20% off sale going on NOW. Just sayin’.

My favs: Emilio, Calhoun, Percy



Capsule’s sofas have a more contemporary feel to them, and they’re priced just right. They’re super simple in design & color, so if you’re hoping to stick with neutrals, this will be your sofa heaven. Their home accessories are also pretty sweet.

My favs: Big Arm Sofa, Abbey Sleeper, Freeman Sofa



Local Spots

For my Chicago peeps who like to shop local, I particularly love Interior Define (they have an online shop as well) and Dial M For Modern (if you’re on the market for redone vintage furniture).