I’m always on the lookout for apps that make my life easier – who isn’t?! I’m not one to download every new hot app, but I will if it provides value (I’m still used to having zero space on my phone – thankfully, I retired my 16GB iPhone 6 for the 7 plus a few months ago…hallelujah.) It’s been a while since I did a roundup of my my favorite apps, so I felt like it was time! Below are the apps I’m loving currently.

The Infatuation

I used to live by Yelp, but it’s become a little less reliable lately as restaurants get bad ratings for poor delivery experiences or other non-food related incidents. In my opinion, there should be rating categories (i.e. service, delivery, food, etc), so that you can evaluate – based on what you care about – whether or not you want to give it a try. Lately, I’ve been turning to The Infatuation for restaurant discovery. You can find “Best of [insert your current food craving]” lists for large cities, in addition to hot & new places to check out. They also give restaurant reviews & ratings on a 1-10 scale.


Uber Pool & Lyft Line have become my primary method of transportation. When I can get door to door service for the price of a train ticket, why wouldn’t I use it on the reg? I used to go in and check pricing for my ride within each app, but after downloading Farewell, I’m able to see rates for both Uber & Lyft in one place. Once you decide which one you want to go with, it’ll open up the app & you can request your ride. It’s an easy way to save a few bucks if you’re too lazy to price check (we’ve all been there)!


I’m sure my fellow city dwellers have had at least one nightmare experience related to package delivery. I always hesitated sending large packages to the house, knowing that they’d be sitting in front (I will give USPS come credit for attempting to hide them sometimes) for hours. People steal packages…it’s a thing. With the Doorman app, I’m able to send my packages directly to Doorman & schedule a one hour window for package drop-off (6pm-12am). Genius.

Dark Sky

Chicago weather is so unpredictable. It can go from raining to sunshine in 5 minutes, and it can be snowing on one side of the city but not the other. I check the weather like clockwork – I don’t like surprises – and Dark Sky helps keep me up to speed on when it’s going to rain or snow (down to the minute) exactly where I’m standing. It’s a hyperlocal weather forecast. Where has this been all my life?