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Hello, fashion friend! I see you’ve come to my little corner of the internet to get your dose of the CUDDLEPILL! It’s great to know someone is reading this and made it ALL the way to the” About Me” page. That takes some f*cking commitment or at least a sense of burning curiosity to find out who this shoulder-pad loving, high waist trouser obsessed, borderline unibrow rocking girl is. I’m Christina, the face behind the mysterious name, and proud owner of the [almost] unibrow. I’m a sentimental person who thrives on nostalgia. As I’ve found my style in recent years, more and more of my closet has become vintage or vintage inspired as I bring this nostalgia to life in my everyday. I have strong (sometimes controversial) opinions, get too loud a few drinks in and have been biting my cuticles since ’92. The satisfaction I get from crossing things off a checklist is unparalleled, and I am still learning how to “chill” because I am incapable of not being busy. This is not me bragging, it’s a legit anxiety-inducing problem that my therapist is well aware of LOL.

Bottom line is I’m a fashion obsessed, curly haired girl who thrives on nostalgia and also has a borderline unibrow that I’ve been rocking for 31 years.

I’m a Chicago girl, born & raised. I grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago with my huge, crazy, Assyrian family. Don’t know what Assyrian is? Don’t worry, most people don’t. You can read up on it here. The important takeaway is that I speak Assyrian which stems from Aramaic, the language the Bible was written in. BOOM (I should humbly add that my Assyrian is broken AF, but this will continue to be a bragging point). I now live in Wicker Park, with my boyfriend Leo. Outside of blogging, I work full time in the digital advertising world.

I started Cuddlepill in early 2015 because I was THIRSTY to up my fashion game. I had flown off the wagon that I used to f*cking navigate – I won “Best Dressed” senior year of high school, aka only award that matters in life. My dad is a photographer and had bought me my own DSLR cam that I’d been getting comfortable with. I wanted to have a place to push my creative boundaries and also encourage me to fall back in love with fashion.

Cuddles make us feel safe, empowered, fearless. Cuddlepill is a place to come to catch your dose of fearless style and get inspired to WEAR SOMETHING CRAZY!


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