We’ve finally wrapped up construction in the house! YAY! It’s SOOOO nice to not have contractors in and out constantly…and after hours and hours of cleaning, I’ve managed to get out the dust. We’re starting to feel settled, which is an unfamiliar yet very welcomed feeling. There’s so much open space now that we don’t have boxes, equipment, paint and other random stuff laying around. I can’t handle clutter – I was losing my mind towards the end there! Anyway, I’m ready to move on from this stage to more fun, exciting things like home accessories.

Our next project is furnishing our deck. One recent discovery (& a warning for those of you who are as clueless as I was) – outdoor furniture is EXPENSIVE. Like, way more than you’d want to pay for furniture that is going to be sitting outside taking on the elements. Another thing I’ve never spent too much time dwelling on is outdoor lighting. I always thought it was just…THERE. Yeah, not the case. We realized we needed more lighting ASAP after having our first BBQ a few weeks back – we all had our iPhone lights on to avoid face planting down the steps and/or dropping the delicious food/cocktails we had just carefully crafted.

Bottom line is, lighting was top of our list for the deck. We updated the wall lighting with these industrial sconces (life changing), and also bought these lamps that are pictured (they’re rechargeable which is great). We store them inside and bring in and out w/ us as needed. They’re the perfect size, and I love how simple the design is – and that they have DIMMERS! So cool. The last item on our list is string lighting…we’re still trying to figure out what exactly makes sense and meshes with the vibe we’re trying to create.

As you can imagine, I’ve looked at PLENTY of outdoor lights the last few weeks, so I figured I’d share with all of you who may be on the same hunt! Below, I’ve linked to my favorite outdoor table/floor lamps, wall lighting & string lighting.

PS – Check out my favorite indoor table lamps here!

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