Fall is one of my favorite seasons in this city. There’s something soothing about watching the leaves change color, getting festive with pumpkin spice & apple cider, and feeling the sensation of a cool breeze after the hot summer months. Though we’ve had our fair share of rain recently, the past few days have been absolutely perfect. Sunshine, nice breeze…couldn’t ask for anything more, except for more time to enjoy it!

I know I’ve talked about this a lot as of late, but life has been crazy the last few months. Between moving out of my place, closing on a house/remodeling, and work travel, I haven’t had time to just chill. I feel like I’m constantly going at 100 mph, and I can’t wait to slow down. I know it will all be worth it in the end, but can we just fast forward to that part?

Looking at my spring and summer bucket lists, I was quite ambitious! This season, I’m keeping my bucket list short and simple. This fall for me is all about re-energizing & enjoying our new place. I’m taking a step back and focusing on the little things. I miss the little things…Fall Bucket ListSure planned drinks are great too, but there’s something about texting a friend in the moment and meeting at the closest bar. I find that spontaneous dates can sometimes be the best ones – though you can plan drinks in advance, you can’t plan a rough day…and that’s when drinks & friend therapy are needed the most! A few bars on my list to check out: Moneygun, Arbella, Spilt Milk.Fall Bucket ListWe have all this amazing outdoor space at the new house, and I CAN’T WAIT to use it. I haven’t had my own outdoor space in years, and we only have so much time to take advantage of it with winter right around the corner. Hoping I can enjoy at least one weekend morning out on the roof deck, with a nice cup of coffee (I came across these coffee mugs recently – perfect for occasion).Fall Bucket ListI’ve never hosted a housewarming party – isn’t that odd? I rarely ever had people over my last apartment, probably because I wasn’t there half the time. I’m looking forward to having everyone over, once our place is ready to go. I’m already excited to be cooking & baking in the new kitchen…lots of recipes to come this winter! Some housewarming treats/cocktails currently on my list: sausage & pineapple party bites, pie pecan bars, crunchy taco cups, spicy cucumber margaritasFall Bucket ListI discovered these magical cookies the first Christmas I spent in Athens. I’m a chocolate person all the way, but these cookies are damn good. Picture a dense, soft cookie with a moist center soaked in honey. Amazingness. Apparently, Leo already dug up a recipe for me to try, so I’ll be giving it a shot in the next month or so. Wish me luck!Fall Bucket List

In addition to missing friends, I also feel like I’ve neglected my family over the last couple of months. That said, I’d love to set aside at least one day of dedicated Mom time. I’ve never been apple picking, and given the time of year, it could be the perfect bonding activity. Do any of you Chicagoans have a favorite apple farm you go to? Would love to hear your recommendations!