My Summer Bucket List

My Summer Bucket List

I can’t believe it’s already mid-July. We’ve had such a wonderful summer thus far in Chicago. Not too much rain, and a lot of sunshine – if anyone needs it, we do. This city truly comes alive in the summer months. There are countless activities & events to partake in every weekend (& yes – weekdays too!). It can be overwhelming, and I find most of my summer weekends get booked up fairly quickly with weddings, birthday parties, quick vacations. That said, I make an effort to block a handful of weekends in the summer for some me time. Here’s what’s currently on my bucket list:

BEACH TIMESure, city beaches are great, but can be a bit overwhelming at times. They’re crowded, loud and hard to get to. In my opinion, the some of the best beaches in Chicago are in the North suburbs. They’re cleaner and less overcrowded. Perfect for a relaxing beach day. I’m hoping to head down to Gillson Beach before the end of the summer (I still don’t even have a tan – sad!).bike ride along the lakeChicago has one of the most beautiful lake trails, and we rarely take advantage of it. Last summer, Leo and I rode our Divvy bikes from West Loop to Lakeview and had a blast. We don’t head up the northern Chicago neighborhoods often, so it was nice to explore a new hood, in addition to getting in some exercise. We had a pleasant patio lunch at Wilde on Broadway, it was perfect. Hoping to repeat this day soon.BOOZY BRUNCHI always commit to Sunday brunch, but somehow it never actually happens. I understand as Sundays are a day to unwind and relax before the start of the new week. I’m typically one who likes to be super productive on the weekends, so I’m never keen on day drinking. However, every time I partake in boozy brunch it’s always memorable. I’m overdue for boozy brunch with the girls – I have Bite Cafe and Over Easy Cafe next on my list!explore a new greek islandEvery summer, Leo and I spend two weeks in Greece (perks of dating a Greeker – not a bad deal, huh?). So far, we’ve explored Mykonos, Milos, Crete, Santorini and Sifnos together. We typically have Mykonos and Milos on our rotation every summer, but this year we’re planning on spicing things up and heading to Rhodes. I can’t wait to check out a new island – many travel tips and photos to come.FARMER'S MARKETI’m a sucker for flea markets and farmer’s markets, so it’s ridiculous that I have yet to attend a Chicago Farmer’s market this summer. I’ve always loved Lincoln Park’s market, but I’ve been hearing great things about Logan Square’s market as of late. Hoping to scope it out soon!gardenI have SERIOUS issues keeping plants alive. My mom is a gardening pro, so I plan on setting aside an afternoon to get the low down on gardening & plant care. Maybe I can finally move my poor plant outside of its store bought container (it’s amazing that thing is still alive – I’m the worst!).Movie in the parkI know this isn’t unique to Chicago, but I love love love movies in the park. There’s nothing better than packing snacks and drinks and heading over to a local park to watch a movie (and maybe squeeze some stargazing in between).

saved by the max

If you’re a 90’s kid and haven’t heard of this, you also NEED to check this out. They’ve turned one of my fav Wicker Park bars, Geek Bar, into a Saved by the Bell pop up shop. From what I’ve heard, they’ve done a damn good job at replicating the set, and have even added themed food items & drinks. They’ve extended the pop-up to December, but are all booked until mid-October (crazy!). I’m banking on just showing up and waiting in line within the next few weeks. Wish me luck!

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