Vintage Shopping Done Right

Vintage Shopping Done Right

A couple of weeks ago, my obsession with flea markets reached an all time high. After years of failing to go, I FINALLY made it to Vintage Garage Chicago, and it was glorious. For all of you flea market lovers, please take a seat as I explain.

Vintage Garage is essentially a massive garage takeover. On a normal day, this is your typical city parking garage. On the 3rd Sunday of every month from April-October, it turns into a magical place. You’ll find 75 vendors swarming the garage, and it’s filled to the brim with everything vintage. Furniture, clothing, jewelry, decor, art and more. Let’s just say this is my flea market dream come true.

Vintage Garage ChicagoI wish I had arrived earlier in the day, as I’m sure the REALLY good stuff goes fast. I showed up around 2pm, and still managed to bring home a few amazing pieces (I’ll be sharing these in upcoming outfits posts, so keep an eye out!). One thing I couldn’t get over was the sheer amount of vintage oversized cashmere sweaters available, and their price. Not an exaggeration – I snagged a few of these at $20 or less…what a STEAL. Picture dad’s cashmere sweater from 15-20 years ago, transformed into a cool oversized, soft & cozy addition to your fall wardrobe.Vintage Garage ChicagoVintage Garage ChicagoVintage Garage ChicagoGiven we’re working through decorating the house, I didn’t even know where to begin with all of the unique home stuff they had. There were pieces of furniture I debated on somehow squeezing into my tiny two door car (“will that fit? I can make it fit…right?”). I decided it would be best to come back in October once we were all settled in the new place. But seriously, those light bulbs, that couch…I can’t even #obsession.Vintage Garage ChicagoShocker – the jewelry was another highlight. I came across beautifully made stone rings and funky costume jewelry from different decades (like this AWESOME 80’s necklace).Vintage Garage ChicagoThese are vintage frames redone with brand new lenses. Brilliant idea. It’s fascinating to see how many of these styles have come back over the years. I’ve got a pair of my dad’s shades from the early 80’s that I still rock, and they had quite a few in the same style.Vintage Garage ChicagoThe last market of the year is on October 16th. It would be the perfect place to grab a Halloween costume & festive knick knacks for the house. I’ll definitely be attending!

Where do you like to shop vintage?

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  • So glad you came and found! The season finale is the next one, should have some good loot! 🙂

  • Paul says:

    Thanks so much for writing up the VGC! Hope you can make it out to the next one! I’m at the top of the ramp on the right. The Collectors’ Agency
    Thanks again!

  • lottiedottievintage says:

    So glad you finally made it over. It truly is a vintage lover’s paradise! Stop by and say hello in October. We’re on the main floor (near the porta potties).

  • Sylvia Moore says:

    Christina you are hilarious. I love how you authentically speak about yourself which lends itself quite well to blogging about the Vintage Garage. You chose all the right words to describe us at the garage. Sylvia’s BackRoom and booth partner Lottie Dottie have been selling at the Garage since inception, 5 years ago. And, I live just 3 blocks away. It’s a fun, unpretentious, friendly vendors and super great customer market with tons of personality. Lots of shopping happens between the hugs, smooches and life updates! Plus the word keeps getting out and we get new customers that love us all the time. Hope you make it back soon. Oh yeah, they just added a holiday market on November 20–so come get your holiday shopping & decorating done with us at the Vintage Garage.

  • Jim Sands says:

    Thanks for coming by and look forward to seeing you in October!

  • Thanks for coming! You won’t believe how much *new* stuff you can see at VGC each month. I know the other vendors and I work very hard at keeping an eye to the seasonal stuff and keeping our tables stocked with new treasures. Each month is different, but each month is always loads of fun!

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