I recently discovered podcasts, and I’m officially hooked. I’ve found myself taking longer walks just to get more listening time in. It’s such a productive way to spend time you’d otherwise be wasting scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feeds (we’re all guilty of this – I am a huge offender). It’s the perfect go-to while stuck in traffic, on the train en route to work, on your morning jog, or anywhere really. There are thousands of podcasts out there that cover a variety of topics, but these are five I currently have on my playlist.

  1. How To Do Everything: Ever wonder how much money is on the planet, or how to find alternative words to use when you want to drop an f-bomb? This podcast is the answer to every random thing you ever have wondered but have been too timid to ask.
  2. Serial: I was a bit late on the Serial bandwagon, but once I discovered it I went through all 12 episodes within a week (that’s 12+ hours of listening time people – talk about obsessed). Serial tells a true story over the course of the season and the first season covers a young girl’s disappearance back in 1999. Prepare for a roller coaster of mixed emotions as the story unfolds. Season two is coming out later this year…I’m counting down the days.
  3. Sleep With Me | A Sleep Inducing Podcast: If you sometimes have trouble sleeping like I do, put this podcast on and it will do the trick. It gets SO boring it puts you to bed. I know it sounds bizarre, but it works. Desperate times, folks.
  4. WTF with Marc Maron: Let’s just start with saying that Marc Maron is insane and neurotic…and that’s also why I love him. Listening to him talk about his crazy life experiences & perspectives on things isn’t the worst way to start my morning.
  5. Stuff You Should Know: Yes, sometimes I want to know what’s special about us left-handed people, or how police dogs work. This podcast addresses basic questions we rarely think about that impact our everyday lives. You’ll be a little smarter after each episode – good stuff.