I’m the queen of lazy hair days. Yes, even though styling my hair curly isn’t all that hard. During the week, I’ll wear it down & curly for one or two days, french braid it one day, and the other two days consist of a high bun/ponytail situation. I mentioned being excited about fun hair accessories this spring, and I’ve officially jumped on the bandwagon. The first accessory I felt comfortable experimenting with were bobby pins, mainly because they’re easily accessible and not completely foreign to me. Let’s just say the broken hair around my face resembles that of a curly-haired toddler, which explains my bobby pin dependence. Adorable at age two, terrifying at age thirty – matter of fact, doesn’t that statement apply to like, everything in life?! Drooling, temper tantrums, bedhead, unfiltered comments…all things that are part of my life currently that I simply can no longer get away with. WELP #adulting is not all that it’s cut out to be.

ANYWHO. Back to the main topic here…bobby pins, and how seriously awesome they are. All I did was snag a pack of gold ones to start, and I found myself reaching for them constantly on days I just didn’t want to deal. And guess what? I immediately looked pulled together & intentional…all in one minute! Here are a few bobby pin hairstyles that have been inspiring me lately. Give them a try, and tell me if you do! Already an expert when it comes to bobby pin hair art? Share your tips in the comments! Also, I’ve linked to chic pins to shop below.


This is generally what my hair looks like when I style it curly, so this is one I really need to try! I love how the pins are serving both form & function. More details on how to get this look here.


I braid on the regular, but haven’t dabbled in the fishtail just yet. However, after seeing this, I’m going to try it ASAP…with this YouTube video to guide me.


BRB, gotta walk the runway real quick. OBSESSION.  All you need here is a little bit of strong hold hairspray, gold bobby pins, dirty hair and 3 minutes. Done. How to get this look step-by-step here.


I’m not one for the Kardashians, but I really dig Khloe’s hair here. Stacked rubber bands, stacked bobby pins. Seems simple enough?!


Just casually have twenty bobby pins holding your locks in place. This could be fun to do with colored or embellished pins! So effortless & cool.