It’s been about a year now since I significantly cut my sugar intake. I was an addict. I used to add sugar where it wasn’t needed (hint hint – my COFFEE). My sweet tooth kicked in after every single meal, and I continued to satisfy it to the point where it was getting worse and worse. I needed to get it under control, so I did something extreme…I cut it out completely. No more sugar in my coffee, oatmeal, no desserts…I even ate low sugar fruits, which means bananas and mangos (my two FAVORITE fruits of all time) were off limits.

I did this for about three months, and I saw results. I didn’t lose weight, but my skin was glowing, my energy levels improved, I was less bloated, and most importantly, my cravings WENT AWAY. Eventually, I slowly started to introduce things back into my diet on occasion. One thing I never reverted back to? Adding sugar & creamer in my coffee. TBH, the creamer I could still do without…but SOMETIMES I still crave just a little somethin’ sweet in my morning brew. Do you feel me? I was on a mission to figure out how to get that sweet flavor I was missing in my coffee, and then I read about the…


Have you guys heard about this?! WHERE HAVE I BEEN!? Now #realtalk, it’s no sugar & creamer, BUT, it totally does the trick for me in that it adds an extra kick to my cup-o-joe while also sweetening it in a natural, healthy way. The other great thing? There are other potential health benefits to cinnamon in coffee, too. Read on, because you’ll want to know this. It’s that good.cinnamon in coffee

cinnamon helps stabilize your blood sugar levels.

Don’t worry, I’m no doctor either. Basically, what this means is that you don’t get the crazy hunger cravings as fast or as often. AND, when you do get hungry, won’t be ravenous, which means you’re more likely to make smarter food choices throughout the day. Snacks? BYE, FELICIA!

cinnamon is PACKED with antioxidants.

Antioxidants are good, really good. They help fight the damage done by free radicals (aka bad stuff that causes damage to cells which can lead to things like heart disease and diabetes) by preventing and repairing damage to your cells.

cinnamon improves brain function.

Yeah, I didn’t know this either. I mean, what doesn’t this sh*t do?! Sure, coffee makes you more alert, but the added cinnamon helps speed up cognitive processing and helps improve attention span – ummm, I think we all need this? I’m not just speaking for myself, am I (as I scroll through my Instagram feed)?.

cinnamon can help with that nasty cold.

It helps clear up the sinuses and reduces mucus production. Soooo you won’t go through an entire box of Kleenex as you crank through your AM emails. Sounds pretty good to me.

Have you guys ever tried this?! Tell me abut your experiences in the comments!


    • Oh no!! Yesss make it happen…at least this will be an easy switch to make 🙂 Keep me posted on how things go if you give it a shot!


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