Maybe I spoke too soon last week about the nice weather, because I feel like winter is again upon us. What is happening?! This rain needs to end. April is over, let’s move on!

Most times, I’m down when the weather is gloomy (because I’m always go-go-go), but this weekend I needed to do nothing and the weather encouraged me to be lazy. It’s been a hectic few weeks catching up with friends, traveling for work, hosting visitors…I needed a weekend off. I caught up on some house things, including touching up the cabinets in our den (tile is going in next week and I can’t wait to share the before & after pics!), and tidying up the house. Why do I feel like I’m always cleaning? Can the house just stay clean for like 4 days? Impossible. We did watch a movie on Saturday night – Colossal. It was super funny and entertaining, I highly recommend it! I’m not normally an Anne Hathaway fan, but I actually liked her in this one.

When I did venture out of the house on Sunday, it was drizzling rain, so I threw on this trench I picked up on my last thrift run. It’s from Neiman’s from god knows when – the wool is light and has this beautiful shine to it. Leo laughs when I wear it (I’ve been called an 80’s secretary), but I seriously love this thing. The buttons have been miraculously preserved somehow, and though it’s hard to tell in pics, they add so much character to the coat. The lining is also this rich burgundy – so beautiful. To give the coat a more modern twist, I belted it with a double buckle leather belt and wore a sweater dress over jeans underneath.

Let’s hope next week I’ll be sharing a more spring-y outfit! Fingers crossed that this weather takes a turn for the best!


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