It’s been quite the month for both Leo and I. We’ve had to make serious decisions at the new house, which included the stain of our hardwood floors, the tile we’re putting in our bathrooms, paint colors, kitchen backsplash..the list goes on! You don’t know this until you experience it, but making remodeling decisions is an energy suck. It’s overwhelming and can be exhausting at times. I’ve found that my willpower is at an all time low, and I’ve been skipping out on workouts and eating unhealthy. Everything will come together once we move in to the new place, but up until then, I need to get it together. My focus this month is to get back to my healthy habits, and re-energize. I need to take a step back and soak my surroundings…and just enjoy fall. Below are a few great reads that helped keep me grounded the last few weeks. Happy October 🙂

  1. I was on point with my workout routine and diet prior to my Greece/Dubai trip, and then I flew off the wagon. These tips on what to do when you hit a healthy lifestyle plateau really hit home for me – cheat days are officially out the window (
  2. This story about living life your way really inspired me. The storyteller reconnected with herself through travel, and decided to live life on her own terms. My favorite quote from the piece, “the consequences of a life given away are greater than the consequences of living life on our terms. In other words, when we live life on our terms, we gain more than we lose.” (
  3. We’re all busy bees, and squeezing in time to meditate can be daunting. Spoiler alert – there is a way to meditate and get it done in 5 minutes. Now we officially have no excuses (
  4. I’ve always been a fan of alone time. I need it to keep me sane. Sipping on a cup of coffee while enjoying a good book is my ideal afternoon. Apparently, other people find that spending time alone is the best way to rest, too (
  5. This time lapse of the Northern Lights from last week really helped put my worries into perspective. As I’m stressing about the new house, there are beautiful things happening out there. Maybe I’m due for a trip to Iceland? (

PS – Baking/cooking can surprisingly calm your soul. Treat yourself to these delicious (& healthy) pumpkin squares, enjoy this low-fat pumpkin bread with your morning coffee, and impress your friends with this easy-to-make pumpkinseed dip!