It’s the beginning of a brand NEW YEAR! A new year means opportunity to start fresh and challenge ourselves to do things we haven’t had the willpower to do previously. Many of us start off the year with some ambitious personal goals, yet sadly, many of those goals are abandoned a few months later. Did you know that only 8% of people succeed in achieving their New Year’s resolutions? We can do better than that, guys!

There are a few simple things you can do to help keep you on track. Here are 5 tips that have helped me succeed in the past:

1. Set specific goals that are actionable

It’s so easy to shoot for the stars and set aggressive goals for ourselves (i.e. Lose weight, save more money, stay fit, get organized, etc). However, I’ve found that goals of this nature are overwhelming and paralyzing. HOW are you going to lose weight/save money/stay fit? If you’re looking to lose weight, perhaps your goal will be to limit your sugar intake, or to eat lean protein when you’re craving a bowl of pasta. If you’re trying to save money, maybe you stop taking Ubers to work or start making your own lunch. Setting smaller, more measurable goals is less intimidating, and will also help you track your progress. Once you achieve the small goals, you’ll be more confident in tackling the bigger ones.

2. Write down your goals & post them in a spot you see everyday

Your fridge, in front of the toilet, on your full-length mirror, on top of your coffee maker – seriously, it doesn’t matter. Put the piece of paper somewhere you’ll see it EVERY day, so that you’re constantly reminded of your goals. The more you’re reminded, the harder it will be to fall off the wagon.

New Year's Resolution Tips

3.  Share your goals with close friends & family

The more people that know about your goals, the better. They’ll hold you accountable and call you out when you’re slipping.

4. Reward yourself

Celebrate progress! Create a calendar reminder to celebrate a milestone and treat yourself. If you’ve gone one month with no dessert, treat yourself to some ice cream on a Saturday afternoon. If you’ve managed to save $X a month for 6 months, splurge on a nice vacation or buy that special something you’ve had your eye on (obv don’t empty your savings account, but ya catch my drift…).

New Year's Resolution Tips

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