I go back and forth on listening to podcasts. I was initially introduced to the podcast world back when Serial came out, and was instantly obsessed. Hence, my initial list of favorite podcasts that I shared about two years ago…funny enough, around this time of year! I’ve been back on the podcasts lately, it all began when I started walking to and from the office a few months back. The walks have ended but my podcast listening hasn’t, so I think it’s safe to say I’m into it. Here’s what I’ve been listening to lately:


I’m sure you’ve already heard of S-Town, but I had to include it because it inspired me to get back into podcasts! For those of you who haven’t listened in yet, you can thank me later. From the makers of Serial, this podcast tells the story of John, who lives in “sh*t-town” Alabama…and hates every bit of it. It starts off as a murder mystery, but then evolves into a story about this man’s life & those in it. It’s incredible. That’s all I’m going to say.

Throwing Shade

This was recently added to my favs list! A weekly podcast by Erin and Bryan, Throwing shade covers the latest news in politics & pop culture, with a comedic spin and a few swear words here and there. It’s super vulgar…which is probably why I love it so much. It’s helped me stay on top of what’s going on – and get a few laughs in while I’m at it – without having to watch the news on the reg.

Guys We F****d

Yep, mhhmmm, that’s the name of the podcast. TRUTH – the name is what got me to listen in. What does that say about me? I don’t care, because this podcast is hilarious. The “anti-slut shaming podcast” is run by two female comedians, Kristina & Corinne, who are all about girl power…and oversharing, but in the best way. They talk about sexual taboos, tell personal stories, interview other comedians, take in questions from their listeners (this may be my favorite part – the stories are crazy!).


Leo got me into this one – another well-known podcast that I hadn’t tapped into until recently. Driven by curious thoughts & questions, Radiolab does a deep dive on a specific topic each episode. More recent episodes include Man vs. Machine (what are we going to do when one day technology will have a mind of its own?), and Epic Battles (every day around the world, there are millions of epic battles happening – from sea creatures fighting for their survival to turf wars). I know, it doesn’t sound that interesting on paper, BUT it’s how they tell the story & keep you engaged throughout that’s fascinating. It’s very well done!

Here’s the Thing (with Alec Baldwin)

Even though they only release around two episodes per month, Here’s the Thing is worth subscribing to! It’s hosted by Alec Baldwin for one thing – yes, he’s crazy, but it works – and the premise is honest interviews with politicians, artists & the likes. You get an up close & personal perspective on their lives, careers, decisions they’ve made & more. I got hooked after listening to this episode with Seinfeld.

PS – I’ve been wearing these Sudio Sweden wireless headphones on repeat. I never thought I’d jump on the wireless headphone train, but it’s super convenient to have them on when you’re going for a run or walk OR want to avoid opening your phone constantly to check social media. You can get 15% of a pair of these with code “cuddlepill”!Best podcasts for newbies