Those mornings you spend staring hopelessly at your closet, feeling like you have NOTHING to wear…we’ve all been there. A closet full of clothes with nothing to wear – how do you get around this? Considering most of us are on a budget, buying a whole new wardrobe is just not an option. I used to face this conundrum often, until I recently revamped my closet. It took me a weekend to do, but now I wake up excited to wear what I have and I no longer have the urge to buy more (which is rarity for me!). Don’t get me wrong, I have still been getting little things here and there, but more accessories than anything. Have I convinced you that you need to do this yet?!

Now, put some time aside and prepare to fall in love with your wardrobe all over again. The steps I followed are fairly simple, they just take time and energy. Grab a glass of rosé, put on a good playlist and GO!

This one may be the most important step, and the most satisfying. I don’t know about you guys, but getting rid of stuff makes me happy inside. There are always pieces in my closet that I haven’t touched in a year or more. Keeping my closet cleaning rules in mind, I went through my entire wardrobe and made a pile of things I needed to donate and things I wanted to sell. I ended up with 3 boxes of clothes I was getting rid of, and it felt marvelous. Doing this created more space…which brought me to step two…

With all of the new space I created, I was able to better organize my things. How you organize is up to you, but I organized by types of clothing (i.e. dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans, jumpsuits). You can organize by color, occasion (workwear vs. casual), by outfit, etc. Ultimately, organize based on how you get dressed. I usually decide my base piece and build off that, so organizing by type makes sense for me. With my closet nicely organized, I know exactly what I have, and as a result I find myself wearing more of my clothes. Another thing I do is separate spring/summer and fall/winter clothes.

The most fun but most challenging step! Take time to think outside of the box, and try to create new outfits with pieces you already have. Explore different ways of layering, whether it be wearing a maxi dress over pants, a skirt over cropped jeans, a cropped sweater over a dress. There are SO many ways you can wear one piece, you just have to experiment. Set aside time to do this. Trust me, it’s like getting a brand new wardrobe. So worth it!how to purge your closet


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