Life has been a whirlwind lately (when is it not?!). The last week Leo was out of town, so I had plenty of alone time to reconnect with myself and get my life in order. That means lots of gym time, attempting to cook (as I’m trying to eat better – I’ll share more on that later this week!) – hanging with friends and curling up in bed at 9pm on a Friday to watch Harry Potter…yes, that actually happened. I will say there were many cocktails had the night before that resulted in this Harry Potter marathon. It was just what I needed.

Outside of the usual craziness, I’ve been experiencing something lately that I think comes with the late twenties…re-evaluating friendships. I’ve recently talked about how many of my friends are in different life stages, which is to be expected at age 29. However, one thing I did not expect was for some friendships to fizzle out. It’s a weird phenomenon – I realized that there were select people in my life that simply weren’t being good friends. I’m still not sure if these people recently changed, or if I’m just realizing something that’s been there all along. Either way, it’s been a challenging but enlightening experience. As I closed doors, new ones opened. The moment I made it a priority to branch out & meet new people, I did, and in the most hilarious ways (i.e. Lyft line- ha!). It’s been a long time since I’ve opened myself up to someone new. I struggled with it at first, but I found I’m learning more about myself throughout this process in addition to learning more about what I value & expect out of a friendship. It’s funny how life works sometimes.

Below are a few nuggets from across the web that made me reflect, think & challenge myself the last month –

  1. I’m all about adventure, and this post helped me realized that you can find adventures in your everyday life. It doesn’t need to be a big thing. My favorites are #1 – Make New Friends (obvi) and #8 Don’t Plan For it – some of my most memorable moments were unplanned & unexpected! (
  2. I haven’t been making progress on some of my goals, and this article helped me put into perspective what was going on. Moving forward, I’m going to work on taking baby steps by turning my goals into daily rituals that I can actually ACT on (
  3. This post really hit home for me as I’m trying to be more self aware. I’m notorious for not having a filter, so it’s been one of my goals to be more mindful & sensitive about what I say and also how I treat people. In this day & age, so many of us are so self-absorbed to the point that we don’t even know (or care) how we’re perceived by others. The world would be a better place if we were all a little more aware of our behaviors (
  4. We’ve all read plenty on how important it is to “be present” in the moment. I thought this was an interesting read as it provides a different perspective – the argument that a life spent solely dedicated to making the present moment enjoyable would never evolve or progress (
  5. I find it hard to set aside time to meditate, so it was nice to know there are other techniques out there that can give you a similar effect (