One thing I was doing on vaca last week, outside of beachin’ & stuffing my face, was checking my fav fashion blogs and Insta handles to get updates on New York Fashion Week. The shows are great, sure, but I enjoy perusing the street style looks just as much (if not more). Amidst the expected trends (think Gucci overload, sneakers galore, off-shoulder/cold-shoulder, distressed & cropped denim), there were a few less obvious trends that surfaced. These may not all be “new” per se, but I expect for these trends to shift from fashionista to mainstream within the next season. Get on them while you can!

NYFW - Statement ShoeThe statement shoe has always been a thing, but I noticed more eccentric features – vibrant colors, embroidery, fur, metallics. You can up-level any simple outfit with one of these bad boys.NYFW - Dress Over ShirtWe saw this 90s look on Kendall in the early spring, and it looks like it’s here to stay. Initially, it was a tee under a spaghetti strap slip dress, but it’s expanded beyond that. We’re seeing floral & crochet dresses paired with button down, sheer & even silk blouses! I’m still adjusting to all of the 90s throwbacks, but this one is starting to grow on me.NYFW - Mixed PatternsAnother trend I struggle with but can appreciate, mixing patterns. It’s happening more often, and more drastic than ever. Key message: don’t be afraid to take risks, you may surprise yourself (noted).NYFW - VelvetThis one is one of my favorites. Velvet is just plain sexy & luxurious. I’m loving the booties, camisoles, dresses, blazers…any and everything velvet. So IN.NYFW - MonochromaticMonochrome is back, and I’m digging it. There is something clean & polished about wearing different shades of the same color. It’s super sophisticated and chic. Can’t wait to see more of this trend – I even rocked monochrome earlier this week on Insta #killinit.

What were your favorite looks from #NYFW?

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Other Image Sources: The Cut & PopSugar