Let’s cut to the chase. What the F is double cleansing & WHY is everyone talking about it?!! I too was thinking the SAME exact thing just a month ago. I consider myself a skincare junkie, and I still can’t keep up with all the newest skincare trends. I’d heard about double cleansing, but didn’t go out of my way to try it (I use 2234254 products on my face a day, so I figured using two cleansers was just excessive). Yes,  TWO cleansers is where I draw the line! HA. Well, let’s just say..I tried it, and now I’m hooked.double cleansing face

what IS double cleansing?!

Double cleansing has been around for quite some time, actually. It’s part of the Korean skincare regimen. It is what is sounds like really- you’re washing your face two times. The first time with an oil-based cleanser, which pulls out SPF, pollutants, along with your makeup and any oil-based impurities your face has accumulated throughout the day. The second wash is with a water-based cleanser, which helps remove sweat & dirt (because we are all gross humans at the end of the day hah).

Getting a thorough cleanse in allows you to start and end your day with a clean face, and also allows your skin to soak up all the goodness you’re putting on it better.

why I’m obsessed.

The reason I love love love the double cleansing method is because I’ve now replaced a pain in the ass step of my skincare routine with something that is SUPER easy. Makeup removal. No cleanser EVER really took 100% of my makeup off – I would usually get 90% there and would still have to put on some jojoba or coconut oil and rub it off with a cotton ball. I HATED this part of my skincare routine. It took time, it was messy, and as a result the last thing I wanted to do before going to bed.

Now, all I have to do is cleanse with my oil-based cleanser (more dets on that below!), and within 20 seconds my makeup is off. No cotton balls, no mascara on my towels. AMAZING. Also, my face has never felt cleaner. That’s the truth.

PS – I have dry to combination skin, and I was concerned with my face being stripped of its natural oils. That doesn’t happen! Pinky swear, fingers crossed…whatever it is that you believe in ;).

double cleansing face

the low down on my double cleansing routine.

Now, let’s talk about what I actually do. Keep in mind that you should adjust the cleansers you’re using to align with your skin type! These products may not work for you, but I wanted to shed some light on what the actual process looks like because that will likely stay the same. I have dry to combination skin, and I am really loving the Dermalogica Precleanse and the philosophy Purity cleanser (FYI – use code CUDDLE to get a free bag of mini philosophy goodies + free shipping with your purchase of $23+!).double cleansing facedouble cleansing face

First step is the oil-based cleanser, which in this case is the Dermalogica Precleanse. Now, I didn’t have any makeup on here, but I double cleanse in the AM and PM, and this a morning cleanse :). I take one pump of the cleanser – it’s literally like putting straight oil on your face. Don’t worry, it is okay…and you WON’T break out!double cleansing facedouble cleansing face

Rub the oil all over your face, giving the tough spots (i.e. eyes if you have any waterproof makeup on) extra attention. This is also the prime opportunity for a little face massage. I like to massage my temples, moving in circles around my eyebrows and under eyes. I also clench my jaw when I sleep, so I massage my jawline as well, going down to the area underneath my ears. It feels marvelous.

Once I’ve got the makeup off, I add a drop or two of water to my hands and mix it in with the oil on my face. It creates a little foam to help lift the dirt off your face before rinsing.double cleansing face

Then, I rinse off the oil-based cleanser. Immediately after, I get going on the philosophy Purity cleanser (which is my everyday cleanser of the moment!). It’s a gentle cleanser, and has a really great lather to it. Definitely on the foamier side, without being TOO foamy where it’s getting in nostrils and you’ve got a bubble situation. It’s just the right amount of foamy.

I massage the water-based cleanser on my skin for about 10-15 seconds, rinse, and I’m ready to put on my 75 serums/eye cream/moisturizers! double cleansing facedouble cleansing facedouble cleansing face


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