You know me, I’m a sucker for anything skincare. That’s why I HAD to try derma-rolling for myself, to see what it was all about. What is derma-rolling? Don’t worry, I didn’t know about it either until more recently!

what is a derma roller

It all starts with this contraption called the derma-roller. This roller has hundreds of micro-needles that puncture your skin, forcing it to go into healing mode. This means a boost in collagen production & elastin, which results in tighter, firmer skin. It helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles, bags under the eyes, reduces the appearance of acne scars, cellulite etc. Another benefit? It allows your skin to better absorb product (especially serums), making them more to use derma rollerYou can get this done professionally, where they use more intense needles (longer ones that go deeper into your skin). However, this procedure is expensive, and you can do a variation of it at home with a smaller needle. As scary as it sounds, it really isn’t that bad! No, your skin doesn’t bleed, and it’s not incredibly painful. Uncomfortable, yes, but totally bearable. Now, on to how you do this thang…how to derma roll at home

Well, first you need to purchase a derma-roller. They come in various sizes – I started with this one that has .25MM needles. Most recommendations I’ve seen say to use .3MM or less if you’re doing this at home, because more than that can cause damage to your skin (leave the intense needling up to the professionals!). Make sure you’re getting it from a legit skincare store (I’d steer clear of Amazon), because let’s face it, you’re poking needles into your face so this is not the time to take risks!how to use derma rollerSecondly, this process works best when used with a serum. For the best results, I’d recommend using either a vitamin C serum (this one is my fav), or one with hyaluronic acid. I use this hyaluronic acid serum when I derma-roll, and later apply the vitamin C serum on top.

how to use derma rollerStart off by cleansing your face with a daily cleanser. I’ve been using Glossier’s Milk Jelly cleanser, so I stuck with that. Next step is to add two layers of serum (your choice which one!).products to use when derma rollinghow to use a derma rollerNow, it’s time to roll! Take the roller to your face – you can split it up in sections, or go across the entire face (that’s what I do). Start going horizontally, and then vertically and finally diagonally. Press slightly hard, but not hard enough where it’s actually painful. It should feel like little prickles. Once you’re done rolling, apply one more layer of serum…and you’re done! You can repeat the treatment about once a month.derma rollinghow to use a derma roller

Don’t EVER share your derma roller with anyone – seriously, not a good idea for many reasons. Clean your roller with alcohol after each use. You’re also supposed to replace it after 10 uses!

Your skin will be red afterwards (kind of like mine is below), that’s normal. AND…don’t panic if you break out the day afterwards, it just means your skin is pushing out the toxins.

PS – it really works. My skin has a glow to it starting a day or two after the treatment, and it definitely feels more plump! I’ve been doing it monthly, and the results get better as you keep up with the treatments. I try to do it on days where I can go makeup free, so that I can let the serums and oils soak in overnight. The next day my skin looks flawless!how to use derma roller