I’m so behind on everything this week! We have Leo’s friends in town, so we spent the weekend out and about enjoying the beautiful weather…and have basically been out every weeknight as well. I spent Monday night at Kingston Mines – like, what? I’m partying like I’m 24 again, and my body is so not equipped for this anymore. I’m in need of a desperate detox. Is it Friday yet? And no, not to party like it’s the weekend, but because I need to sleep in and not drink until July.

On another note, I’m so happy dress weather is finally here! You probably remember this slip dress from back in February, but now I can wear it without a million¬†layers over it. Exciting stuff. We hit the mid 70s on Sunday, so it was the perfect time to rock this dress with a white tee. I brought out my blush bomber¬†to throw on later in the day, which I’m so grateful for because it got crazy windy in the evening (in case you couldn’t tell from my wacky hair/holding hair in place photos). Something about grey and rose pink together is so soothing – I love the color combo.


blush bomber and slip dressblush bomber jacketdress with sneakersGrey slip dress with white tee


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