Denim Skirt: Vintage, similar here | Silk patterned blouse: Vintage, similar hereLeather Blazer: Vintage, similar hereBoots: Dorateymur | Bag: Holly & Tanagerhow to style a jean skirt

This just may be my favorite outfit I’ve worn so far this season. It feels very true to me and my style. Earlier today, I was perusing through some of my archived Instagram posts, and omg, some of the outfits I wore even a YEAR ago I wish would disappear from the internet. BUT, there is also that part of me that enjoys to see the progress I’ve made and how I’ve sort of come into my own when it comes to my aesthetic & style. It’s a good feeling!

I’ve talked your ear off when it comes to bringing summer pieces into fall. I knowwww…it’s a lot…BUT it’s so important to get the most out of your pieces & shop your own closet! Plus, it forces you to think outside of the box when it comes to styling your wardrobe. The outcome of that is usually a positive one :). In this case, it’s got me strolling around in a jean skirt in mid-October. Here’s how to style a jean skirt, THE FALL EDITION (yes, you can wear it in the fall, I promise).how to wear a jean skirt

stick with a longer length skirt.

When I say you can wear a jean skirt in the fall, please keep that mini in the closet. That’s not going to fly…and will also take me back to my high school days of wearing mini Abercrombie & Fitch denim skirts with leggings & Uggs. Ahhh 00’s fashion, the glory days. The length here is KEY. Knee length at minimum, midi length preferred.

how to style a jean skirt

pair it with a blazer.

Duh, you knew I was going to say this (per my self-proclaimed blazer obsession). Back to the concept of high/lows when it comes to styling! Pair something “low” (i.e. jeans, sneakers, track pants) with something “high” (heels, blazers, metallic accessories, ya get the vibe). The juxtaposition of layering a blazer over a jean skirt gives the look a high-fashion effect. Jean skirt…instantly elevated. Level of chic…immeasurable ;). In terms of length of the blazer, I’d go either cropped or on the longer side – both will pair nicely with a longer, high waisted skirt.

how to style a jean skirt

swap sandals for boots.

Simple enough, but make sure it’s the right boot! I think denim skirts look ULTRA chic when paired with a chunkier, more punk-vibe type of boot. Think platforms (what I decided to wear – which btw I’m effing obsessed with these boots but I could go on about that for an entirety of a post so I gotta reel it in!) or combat boots. If you’re feeling the western trend, you could do a cowboy boot as well! Also, the height of boot is important to call out. I’d go slightly above ankle to mid-calf to complement the midi skirt. Boots cropped at the ankle would throw off the proportions we worked so hard to master here!

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