We came across these on our latest Trader Joe’s run (does anyone else regularly stock the “new in” section?!), and it’s safe to say they will become a regular in our household. The cinnamon and sugar balance couldn’t be more perfect…and topped off with a little crunch. What more could one ask for?!

I bought this eye cream on a whim after seeing it featured in a few of my go-to beauty blogs. I figured it deserved a chance, and I don’t regret it! My eyes feel more hydrated and my dark circles are less noticeable. It’s power ingredient is banana powder – the yellow tone of the cream color corrects the skin and neutralizes under eye circles. It’s magical.

This may just be my favorite new spot in the city! We’ve been meaning to come here for a while, but didn’t make it happen until this weekend (as we were waiting to watch Game Night across the street). It’s a coffee shop/bookstore/bar loaded with board games and plenty of cozy lounge areas. The whole concept is around engaging with people (and not devices!), so it’s a WiFi free zone. It’s so refreshing to walk in a place and see humans interacting with other humans! We’ll definitely be back.

So you may have seen my own personal 80’s music video…SURPRISE, the song was actually NOT from the 80s! It’s by The Midnight, an electronic band I’ve been listening to on REPEAT lately. I’m loving their 80’s revival tracks and can’t wait to see what else is in store. They’re coming to Chicago in March and the show sold out…I’m still crying about it.

We were lucky enough to catch this show in person at the Chicago Theatre a few months back, but we loved it so much we watched it AGAIN when it came out on Netflix. He’s still got it. And this is the most raw and real he’s ever been – he gets down & dirty and talks about his divorce and dating after being married for years (among other things!). It’s a must watch!

When you’re single, and it’s winter. I laughed out loud when I saw this because this was me before laser hair removal. HA! Amanda is known for her drawing of real life moments that we normally don’t talk about. From relationship moments, to embarrassing things you do solo…her drawings make me smile. You can follow along on her Instagram!

Guys, Who What Wear is killing it with their spring collection at Target. I want EVERYTHING. I ordered these clear mules last week and can’t wait to wear them in San Diego this coming weekend (YES! I’m heading towards sunshine!).

This is officially the BEST veggie burger I have ever had. Hands down. The Impossible Foods burger is so damn close to a real burger (it even BLEEDS!!), you won’t even know the difference. It started out in the West Coast and recently debuted in Chicago – we’ve been eating it at the Umami Burger in Wicker Park. We’ve gone twice in the last month…and I’m foreseeing another trip in the near future.

Sometimes, you just need a little design inspiration. We have a Scandinavian vibe going in our house, and now that we’re shopping for home accessories we’re in need of a little inspo. Muuto may be beyond reach (it’s one of those where they don’t even list prices on their site…you know what that means), BUT their stuff is so gorgeous. I’ve been admiring the pillows and poufs, and also want this for my desk!


Yes, this thing looks SO WEIRD…but I promise it’s good. We had jackfruit for the first time at Superiority Burger in NYC and thought it was awesome but had no idea wtf it was. It’s basically an all natural meat substitute (not high in protein, but lots of fiber!). We saw it at Trader Joe’s last week (always crushing it). They sell it in a can, but have also started including it in some of their pre-made frozen meals. It’s so so good – can’t wait to start experimenting more with it at home.