I frequent the “new in” section at Trader Joe’s, and when I saw they had cauliflower gnocchi I literally was jumping with excitement. I already look wacky as is when I go (as it’s usually post-gym), so I can only imagine what people were thinking. YOLO. Bottom line, this sh*t is worth jumping up and down over. Easy to make, tasty and guilt-free.


Yes, Leo and I watch a lot of stand up. It helps me relax and laughter is good for your soul. We watched Ali Wong’s first Netflix special (Baby Cobra) last year, and she got me hooked. This special is her, post stay-at-home-mom status, preggers with her second kid and she just lets loose on all things motherhood and babies. I don’t even have kids and I found it to be hilarious – and if you’re a mom, you’re going to be in tears.


I recently put Leo on a basic skincare regimen (at his request!), and I’m telling you, his skin is currently GLOWING and it’s only been a week! He’s stuck with it, surprisingly, but it’s only because he’s seeing changes himself. BIG DEAL. You know I’m obsessed with my serums, so I had him start with a vitamin C serum (Drunk Elephant C Firma Day Serum), in addition to a moisturizer with SPF (Olay Luminous Brightening & Protecting Lotion w/ SPF 30) and a life-changing eye cream that I use myself (more on that here). A great bundle to get your man started on skincare…and all the products are fairly priced and fully vetted.

I totally missed this place in my favorite hidden patios in Chicago roundup! I went on Friday and was mind blown that I hadn’t been before. Tasty drinks, chill vibe (not too busy) and you can deliver food from anywhere your heart desires. ALSO, they do cookouts every Sunday in the summer with local chefs. Can’t wait to go back!

I was gifted this product a few weeks ago, and have been really impressed with it so far. Herbivore has been a brand on my radar that I’ve been meaning to check out, and I’m excited that the first product I’ve tried I’m in love with! It smells delightful, and the texture of it and how it feels on the skin is like no other facial oil I’ve used. It just blends so nicely, and I’ve been mixing it up with my other serums and moisturizers too. It’s perfect for when you need some extra hydration in the AM, or to wear before bed. It blends nicely with makeup (doesn’t blotch) and leaves your skin hydrated and dewy!

HOW CHIC ARE THESE EARRINGS?!! And they come in a zillion different colors and sizes. I’m totally on board with the lucite jewelry that’s making a comeback. These are a little pricey but not too bad – I may just pull the trigger!

We live in an old building, and sound travels fast. Basically, you can hear what’s going on in the half bathroom…which is traumatizing for people (if they only knew) ha! We’ve been exploring ways to help sound proof the place, and Leo came across these super cool wall panels that you can customize. You can use a planner to design your own wall – the panels are mounted on a wall with a magnetic filling so you can switch up the design later on if you want to.

This LA-based shoe company’s mission was to create good quality shoes made in America. All of their products are sustainably sourced and ethically produced…on top of being SUPER cute and comfy. They focus on women & children’s shoes – I’m a huge fan of the sneakers & the cross sandals! The kids oxfords are pretty damn adorable, too.

I discovered this Danish brand on my layover to Greece last summer, and picked up this beach bag from the shop at the airport. I ended up using it everyday on vacation, and can’t wait it bring it out again this season. I was on the verge of grabbing these¬†sandals and one of their scarves as well – I just couldn’t fit it all in my luggage! PS – I’m crushing hard on this bag too.

I’m officially adding this site to my list of go-to home decor blogs.¬†Fantastic Frank is a real estate agency, focused on properties in Stockholm & Berlin, that’s picked up a huge social following due to the way they stage their homes. It’s seriously unlike anything I’ve seen before! I particularly love this idea for our kitchen…the creative juices are flowing guys.