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Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: For Him & For Her

Unique Valentine's Day Gift IdeasI’m not sure how I feel about Valentine’s Day, even after all of these years. I feel like it’s kind of overrated, but I will never say no to another holiday of gifts & nice dinner. Leo and I usually keep it low key, exchanging small gifts and enjoying a night out together. Sounds like we’re doing the same this year, but the restaurant will be a surprise! Don’t worry, it will be all over my Insta story, I’m sure.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, gifts can be tough because most of us have exhausted our gift options from the holidays. It’s so temping to just do the standard flowers/jewelry/cologne type of gift. Those are great too, don’t get me wrong, but it’s refreshing to break away from the norm. That’s why I’ve pulled together unique Valentine’s Day gift guides for him & for her…don’t worry, there are a few of the staple gifts peppered in too!

PS – If you’re in Chicago, here are some of my favorite dinner spots for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for her


  1. Vinter’s Daughter Botanical Serum: Every single beauty editor has been raving about this serum, so I’m sure the lady in your life is fully aware of it.
  2. Jin Soon Heirloom Nail Polish: The perfect winter pick-me-up, a metallic nail in the prettiest deep teal.
  3. A Vintage Belt: Because nothing shows that you care more than a killer vintage find! This one is Donna Karan, very similar to the black one I have.
  4. Santal 26 Candle: A candle she’ll never buy for herself – this one is my all time favorite for the house.
  5. Flowers for Dreams: My go-to for flower delivery in Chicago. All locally sourced, seasonal flowers, from a company with an inspiring backstory.
  6. Resin Hoop Earrings: She’ll be ahead of her spring accessory game with these gorgeous hoops.
  7. Rituals Energy Bubble Bath: For that moment she wants to take a luxurious bubble bath. With the scent of rose & honey, it couldn’t be more soothing.
  8. Byredo Gyspy Water: A fresh scent that changes notes throughout the course of the day. It smells different on everyone, but consistently amazing.
  9. Frango Chocolate: For the chocolate lover, these are the perfect pop of mint and milk chocolate. I grew up eating these on the regular, and my eyes still light up when I see a box.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

  1. Truff Truffle Hot Sauce: Perfect if he likes his food both truffly and spicy.
  2. Simple Habit Subscription: For the man that’s always on the go, and could use some down time. I’ve been using this app to meditate and it’s life-changing.
  3. Taft Boots: Chic and functional boots for him to wear from the office to date night.
  4. Fat Electrician Cologne: Leo bought this a few months ago, and I can’t get enough of the woody/sweet combo.
  5. Mack Weldon Ace Sweats: Sweatpants that can be worn both inside & outside of the house.
  6. Rugged & Dapper Cleanser: Because men don’t prioritize skincare like women do! This all-in-one cleanser is one of the top rated men’s cleansers out there.
  7. Sheec Boat Socks: Leo swears by these boat socks – he claims they never fall off and they last forever.
  8. Fjallraven Yupik Parka: A stylish, unique parka that he can rock the rest of winter. I especially like all of the pockets!
  9. Frank & Oak Leather Weekender Bag: I bought this for Leo over Christmas and it was a big hit. The leather is soft yet durable, and its perfect for travel because it can pass as a personal item.

Holiday Gift Ideas: For Him & For Her

After a little delay, they’re finally here! My short & sweet holiday gift ideas, for him and for her. Most of these are under $100 (only a couple exceed that amount!). I’ve featured a few items here that were also included in my October and November Tens. They’re just too good – I had to share them again.

PS – be sure to check out my home gift guide too (inspired by our trip to Paris!). You can also find last year’s gift guides here and here. Happy shopping!holiday gifts for her

  1. A Chic Coin Necklace ($77) – I particularly love this one by Cinco stores (I also like this one).
  2. Glossier’s Cloud Paint ($55) – I just tried Cloud Paint for the first time recently and became instantly hooked. Now they’re offering a quad pack so you can gift all of the colors! She’ll be able to mix & match the different colors, so none of them will go to waste. I’m a big fan of their Boy Brow too.
  3. Faux Fur Grab Bag ($40) – I’ve been eying this bag for some time now, the colors are all gorg.
  4. Oversized Wool Scarf ($48) – I own this one and have been wearing it on repeat.
  5. HiEleven Mini Flap Handbag ($89) – A simple, beautiful, handbag at a great price.
  6. Function of Beauty Shampoo & Conditioner ($36) – I’ve been using this stuff for almost two years now, and it’s just as cool as it sounds. Shampoo & conditioner made just for her & her hair needs. It’s all customized!
  7. Stylish Wireless Headphones ($99) – Adore these headphones from Sudio Sweden! They’re chic and functional. My first pair of wireless headphones & I’m never going back. Get 15% off with code CUDDLEPILL at checkout!
  8. Group Fitness Classes w/ ClassPass (gift card) – I’ve been on ClassPass a few years now and can’t get enough! January is just around the corner, so this gift is perfect for her New Year’s resolutions come into play.
  9. Metallic Lipstick ($24) – Yeah, I’m going on about this AGAIN. It looks good on everyone, trust me.

holiday gifts for him

  1. Sneaker-like house slippers ($150) – Because every man needs a pair of these Time slippers in their life…how cool are they?!
  2. Travel-sized Quirkle ($15) – It’s a board game, it’s travel-sized, and he’ll love it. It’s one of our favorites!
  3. Google Home Mini (now $29!) – A cutesy version of Google’s home assistant.
  4. Sous Vide ($199 – use code HOLIDAY to get $20 off) – I decided sous vide cooking is worth it after all. An easy way he can nail his dish every. single. time.
  5. Comfy Belts from Beltology – Leo bought one of these recently and hasn’t stopped raving about it.
  6. Unlimited movies w/ MoviePass ($9.95/month) – For the movie lover! He can go to the movies as much as his heart desires for less than $10 a month. Their gifts include 3, 6, or 12 month subscriptions.
  7. Wool Loungers by AllBird ($95) – The comfiest pair of shoes he’ll ever own.
  8. TakeCareOf Customized Vitamins (gift card) – Vitamins customized just for him! You can gift as much as you want, and it includes a personalized message in their daily vitamin pack.
  9. Nintendo Switch ($299) – The gamer’s dream. A console that can be played on a screen, transported wherever his heart desires…and best of all, it’s Nintendo (think the old school Nintendo games he loves brought back to life).
Holiday Gift Guide: Home Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Guide: Home Gift Ideas

My first holiday gift guide is finally here! And even better…this one is inspired by Paris. One of my favorite things about traveling to Europe is exploring the home stores. The products they carry are so unique and cutesy – we simply don’t have anything like them here in the states. On our trip to Paris last month, we stumbled upon a few beautiful home stores and I quickly took out my phone and marked down all of the cool products we found.

For those of you looking for home gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Not only are these products super unique, but some of them make for great stocking stuffers or add on gifts! Prices vary from $1000 to $15, so there should be a gift in here for everyone’s price range (hopefully!).

Keep an eye out for gift guides for him & her later this week – you can check out last year’s gift guides here and here! Also, I’ve been curating my favorite products on Amazon over the last few weeks and will continue to add to it (a lot of the products shown here are on my shopping list).

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 2017

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: 2017

I was going through old photos at my mom’s this weekend, and I think it’s safe to say that it’s officially one of my favorite pastimes. My dad’s a photographer, so we have boxes & boxes of photographs…from my parents engagement photos, baptisms, family vacations, birthday parties to simple moments like my brother playing on our swing set. I love seeing photos of us as kids, but I particularly love seeing photos my parents & grandparents. It’s such a strange thing to see pics of my parents when they were my age – I wonder what they were thinking, what challenges they were facing, what dreams they were aspiring towards. Life is a crazy thing.

Father’s Day tends to be a more emotional holiday for me. I’ve always been close with my mom, but my dad and I have had our ups and downs over the years. Maybe it’s because we’re weirdly alike, or that we’re both stubborn and refuse to see things from the other’s perspective. Either way, we’ve always had a different type of relationship, and I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like for various reasons. I also lost my grandfather a couple of years ago – the first time I ever lost a family member that close. I feel very lucky to have grown up with a grandfather, as I know many people aren’t able to experience that, and I have some guilt about not appreciating the time I had with him as much as I could have.

With all that said, I try to make the most out of every Father’s Day and spend some quality time with Dad. I’ve realized the importance of telling loved ones how much I care and spending time with them because you just never know how much time you have.

On a lighter note – quality time is the best gift you can give, but an actual gift is a always a nice little bonus. I put together a quick list of the Father’s Day gifts that are top of mind, and will put a smile on Dad’s face (no guarantees, but I think you’ll get something out of him!).

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Holiday Gift Guide For Her

I’ve made some progress on my gift shopping, which is a relief! Don’t feel nearly as stressed now that I have the list down to a few people. Today is the last day (in most cases) to get standard shipping by Christmas, so let’s get on those last minute orders tonight!

For women’s gifts, I try to stick with the basics when it comes to shoes & clothing, and splurge on beauty products knowing they’d never purchase those items for themselves. I’ve curated my favorite gift items of the moment for those of you who still have a few special women left on your shopping list! Shop the items below.

PS – Gifts under $100, and gifts for him.

Holiday Gift Guide for Her1. I received this candle as a birthday gift, and it’s the BEST candle I’ve ever owned. The smell is beautiful and just strong enough to fill the room but not overwhelming.

2. This lipstick was a recent purchase and I can’t even count the number of complements that’ve come my way! It’s the perfect winter hue.

3. For the ladies with a bath tub, this milky bath bar is the formula for softer skin. We all could use hydration in the winter months.

4. It’s virtually impossible to find a pair of Levi’s that fit properly – this pair fits like a glove and the patchwork with the cropped hem couldn’t be more on trend.

5. I’ve had a love affair with Building Block bags for quite some time now. This cylinder bag is the perfect size for every day.

6. This hand treatment will keep her hands nice and soft.

7. You can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers. The blush color of these Common Projects is just gorg.

8. A high quality cutting board will never go unused.

9. This tie choker will elevate any outfit.

Holiday Gift Guide For Him

If your week looks anything like mine, you’ve been scrambling to pull it together with nearly 75% of your Christmas shopping still pending. Why did I wait so long! All of the sales earlier this month got me caught up in my own shopping…now I have to embrace that holiday spirit and get started on the gifts. Christmas is in less than a week after all.

You’re in luck, because there’s still time to make a few last minute online purchases & get everything in time for Christmas. I’ve curated my favorite gifts for him this year below. Keep an eye out for my lady’s gift guide tomorrow!

PS – Here’s last year’s gift guide for him (figure the more ideas the better, right?)

Holiday Gift Guide for Him1. Make his life a little bit easier with the new Google Home.

2.I love the unique look of these slippers, and you’re able to select the color of the lace!

3. The versatility & geometric look of this backpack makes it ultra cool (I also own it & wear it everyday).

4. I’m a sucker for a good Moscow Mule, and this is the best ginger beer I’ve tried.

5. Gift him his best cup of coffee with this pour over coffee maker.

6. These sneakers are soft yet provide just the right amount of support for everyday – did I mention how cute they are (I also have a pair, so maybe I’m biased)?

7. Improve the air quality in his home (yes, I know I’m a nerd) with this cool little contraption.

8. These phone cases pull images directly from Google Earth – stunning.

9. Help him share memories with family & friends using a digital photo album that updates in real time.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

I don’t exchange birthday gifts with all of my girlfriends, just a special few. However, this doesn’t make my process any easier, because most of these girls I’ve known for years, and I find myself running out of gift ideas. I try to avoid getting the same thing every single year, and I don’t want to be the girl giving the standard Starbuck’s gift card (I hope none of you guys are guilty of this – if so, read on my friends). A good gift doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful. Here are some gifts ideas I find to be unique if you’re ever in a creative rut & need some inspiration.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him | 2016

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect gift. Valentine’s Day can be tough, especially if you’ve exhausted all of your gift ideas over the holidays. It takes some serious effort to get the creative juices flowing (and the winter weather doesn’t help), so I’ve put together a few items that have caught my eye lately. You won’t disappoint with these gifts (and the pressure is on…).


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Holiday Gifts For Him: Under $100

Christmas is 4 days away, and for those of us who aren’t done with our Christmas shopping, it’s panic mode. It’s tough enough to shop for the ladies, and now there are some very particular men we need to cross off our list and the clock is ticking. Don’t fret, I’ve put together a quick, under $100, holiday gift guide for the special men in our lives that deserve a lil’ sumpin’ sumpin’ – and no, I’m not talking about the beer (although, it couldn’t hurt to bring that along as well).

Men's Holiday Gifts

  1. The Legacy Box starter kit will allow him to digitally preserve all of his precious memories.
  2. A knife set to kick-start healthy eating in the new year.
  3. A slim, leather wallet that won’t ruin his pant pockets.
  4. A custom map coaster set to spice up his living room.
  5. Sultry, woody cologne to get him through the winter months.
  6. A stylish weekender for upcoming getaways.
  7. The fancy umbrella he’ll appreciate on the rainy days.
  8. A trendy, modern kettle for the tea drinker.
  9. A carry-on cocktail kit to make his next flight a little more enjoyable.
  10. nifty device that will allow him to seamlessly stream music & video across his many screens.

Holiday Gifts For Her: Under $100

Every year, without fail, I’m scrambling last minute to scratch the last few people off my holiday gift list. I typically purchase gifts to those closest to me first, as I know them well and have an idea of what they’d like. It’s the rest of the bunch that I struggle with – family friends, coworkers, far relatives. Feeling my pain here? Thought so. Here’s a quick holiday gift guide for the ladies left on your list (bonus – all gifts are under $100).Holiday Gift Guide For Her2

  1. A lovely matcha tea set.
  2. Just another beautiful minimalist gold ring.
  3. Set of copper mugs to take that Moscow mule to the next level.
  4. Top of the line eyebrow kit.
  5. A fun pair of yoga pants.
  6. Furry winter hat.
  7. Nourishing hand cream.
  8. A western-inspired leather belt.
  9. Checkered leather clutch.
  10. Cozy pullover sweater.