#1: YouSwim One-Piece Swimsuit

This swimsuit is a godsend. The best fitting one-piece suit I’ve ever owned, and even better (for gifting purposes) – it’s ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!! And don’t worry, it will fit – that bad boy can stretch and shrink as much as needed and it fits as snug as can be. It comes in beautiful colors as well – I own the teal one, but want to get it every color I love it THAT much.

#2: Le Labo Santal 26 Candle

Another all time favorite – this candle is out of this world and I JUST ran out of mine and have been itching to replace it. It’s on the pricey side ($75 per candle), which is why I’ve been dragging on pulling the trigger, but also why it’s the perfect gift. Not only is the smell fantastic, but it’s strong enough to fill up the room. Did I mention you can add a little personalized “to & from”  on the label too?

#3: Mignonne Gavigan Earrings

You’ve seen me wear earrings from this brand a bunch (here and here!), so I don’t need to explain why these are fab. They’re unique and can instantly elevate any look! I can’t tell you how many complements I’ve gotten collectively across the few pairs that I own. An ideal gift for a fashionista who loves a good statement earring. My favorite of the moment include the Madeline Earrings, Swan Earrings in Black and the Adri Eye Earrings.

#4: Function of Beauty Shampoo/Conditioner

Another product I’ve raved about in the past is this customized shampoo & conditioner. I have naturally curly hair, so it was tough to nail down a shampoo & conditioner that gave me the hydration and the volume that I needed. This stuff has done it for me, and I’m never turning back! The way it works – you head to the Function of Beauty site, fill out a hair quiz in terms of your hair composition & needs (i.e. volume, hydration, conditioning, etc), pick the colors & scent of your product & BOOM. You have a custom formula made just for your hair. The best gift for someone with tricky hair!

#5: Coin Necklace

I have a few coin necklaces in my rotation (you’ve probably seen me wearing this set from Etsy), and I have no intention of putting them away anytime soon! For a girl who loves layering gold jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this gift. Here are 5 places to shop for coin necklaces – there are tons of options!

#6: Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Serum

I live & die by this serum. If I had to keep just ONE skincare product in my routine, this would probably be it (although, it would be a close tie with SPF ha!). I’ve been using this serum for about 4 years now, and plan on using it for eternity. It is on the pricier end, but the results are strong enough to warrant the splurge. The ideal gift for the skincare junkie – every skincare fanatic has one in their routine, and the serum isn’t specific to skin type or skin concern. It’s a serum everyone needs in their product mix!

#7: Glossier Skincare Set (Body Hero or Mask Duo)

Yeahhhh, I’m hooked on Glossier makeup & have been for some time now. I’ve recently started to experiment with their skincare lineup and am impressed so far. All of their product comes with an adorable pink bubble wrap ziplock bag (that in and of itself will make her smile – and they come in handy, let me tell ya!). Since figuring out makeup preferences can be tough (you don’t know the shades she likes/what will look good on her skin tone), I think skincare is a safe way to go when it comes to Glossier! They have a Body Hero set that includes the cream & an oil wash, or if she’s a fan of masking you can pick up the Mask Duo.

If it’s your first time shopping Glossier, you can get 10% off your first purchase when you shop with me!

#8: Care Of Customized Vitamin Packs

I’m very much into customization lately – because nothing beats a product made JUST FOR YOU! Similar to the Function of Beauty shampoo/conditioner set, Care Of let’s you build a customized daily vitamin pack based on your dietary needs/health goals. You can even add a custom message to whoever you’re gifting the packs too! Such a thoughtful, useful gift for the health nut/fitness queen. Get 40% off your first pack!

#9: ASOS Oversize Wool Scarf

This scarf has been a lifesaver for me the last couple of years. I used to buy scarves at the fast fashion shops (so many scarves from Zara) that did nothing for me outside of looking cute. I would freeze my ass off, they would fall apart, etc. A couple of years back, I decided to be an adult and purchase a legit oversize wool scarf in both black & grey from ASOS. AND, they weren’t even that much more than a shitty scarf from Zara! These scarves sit so well around your neck, are so much fun to style and most importantly, will keep you warm in the tundra!!

#10: Leather Wool Lined Gloves

Another must-have winter accessory that most women wouldn’t buy for themselves, because there are so many cheaper options out there. Leather gloves that are lined with wool or cashmere (this is is deal breaker btw – they must be lined!), will change your life in the winter. They allow you to keep your paws warm, and don’t take away from your overall look (they actually can add to it!). Do her a favor and help her say goodbye to fleece gloves for good.


  1. Definitely love the Function of Beauty suggestion! I’ve been trying their holiday scented shampoo + conditioner set and I love it. They totally smell like Christmas in a bottle.

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