White Turtleneck: Everlane Platform BootsDorateymur | Lace Slip Dress: Vintage, similar here | Oversize Cream Cardigan: Zara (last season), similar here Blazer with Shoulder Pads: Vintage, similar here | Mom Jeans: Everlane | Brown Silk BlouseVintage, similar here and here 

I always always neglect to buy good basics. It just doesn’t come top of mind for me – and it NEEDS TO, because good basics are effing life changing.

I’ve been annoyed with my current turtleneck situation – none of the ones I owned fit how I wanted them to or came up high enough in the neck. I decided to “splurge” (I guess $35 for a turtleneck when you’re used to spend $15 can be considered a splurge, right?!) on the Everlane turtleneck, and let’s just say I’m never turning back.

I was so overcome with excitement, that I’ve spent all (okay, maybe not ALL, but a good chunk) of my time styling my new basics.

Wondering how to style a turtleneck? Here are three ways I’ve been styling it lately.

under a slip dress.

We’ve all worn tees under slip dresses, and this is just the winter edition of that same look. Instead of a white tee, layer a thin ribbed turtleneck underneath. Not only does it allow you to take this summer piece into the fall/winter, but it’s also on trend while not trying too hard. You can mimic this look with any summery dress, it doesn’t even have to be a slip! It could look super chic with a strapless dress as well.

how to style a turtleneck

how to style a turtleneck

under a blazer.

DUH – this is kind of obvious, but perhaps we’re all too afraid to dabble in blazer territory. We were born & raised to think blazers were in the “work wear” category, but that is far from the case. It’s hard for us to ween away from the standard silk cami or button down blouse…but guys, now is the time to push that shit to the side. BRING ON THE TURTLENECK. It dresses down this business casual piece and brings it to the casual wear world, the one I thrive in (as do…most humans).

It can be paired with any blazer – fitted, oversize, dressy, casual, men’s, women’s, linen wool…you get the point. There are NO limits, so you really can’t F this up.

how to style a turtleneck

how to style a turtleneck

under a silk blouse.

I have a short sleeved silk blouse that I would go to sleep with if I could, and my heart’s been aching for it in these colder months. The solution? I found this silk blouse thrift shopping a few weeks back and I was over the moon.

Since silk is a fabric meant for warmer weather, layering a turtleneck under it allows me to wear it all year round!

how to style a turtleneck