I’ve been searching high & low for the perfect signet ring (for pretty much all of 2018), so when I opened up my Christmas gift from Leo I couldn’t contain my excitement. He managed to find the perfect gold signet ring from a chic LA-based jewelry shop – The Last Line. It’s got a thickness to it that I haven’t seen with most rings like this, and the size of the face is just right. Officially not coming off my pinky in 2019.



And yet another item I’ve been on the lookout for this season, the perfect pair of white ankle boots. I saw these on one of my fav fashionistas, Maria Bernad, and just had to get my hands on them. Luckily, I caught them during the ASOS Black Friday sale at 30% off. They come up higher than the normal ankle boot, which makes them ideal to wear with skirts & dresses (as shorter boots tend to cut your legs off). They’re also an off white vs. a true white which gives them more of a higher end feel.


We had friends in town last week, so naturally we took them to our go-to spots in the city. After a nice steak dinner at Bavette’s, we made our way over to one of the few cocktail bars open late in River North. I’ve been meaning to try Good Measure (it’s been on every “hot” and “must do” list lately), but didn’t go out of my way since River North isn’t really my scene. However, I will say I was pleasantly surprised to find a bar like this in the center of what I’d consider a going out / clubby neighborhood. It’s got a chill vibe, great decor and most importantly, delicious cocktails. Another bonus? It’s open until 2AM every day of the week except for Sundays.


Yes, this is a bit extra, but I got it as a gift..so it’s totally acceptable ;). Remember all those times your coffee has gotten cold as you sip it slowly? Well, that never has to happen again. Ember, the temperature coffee mug, keeps your coffee nice & hot for as long as it takes you to chug it down. I can finally enjoy my coffee without the anxiety of it going cold on me #firstworldproblems.


If you don’t know yet, I am a skincare junkie (just shared my winter skincare routine over on YouTube, if you’re interested!). My friends obviously know this about me, so for my birthday I got gifted a ton of skincare goodies, including these power peels from M-61 (blue mercury’s own brand). I’ve tried the peels from Dennis Gross in the past (& LOVED them), but couldn’t stomach spending that kind of money on peels. The M-61 peels are virtually the same – potentially even BETTER – and they’re about 30% cheaper. 


Our home is a no shoe zone. Yes, we’re THOSE kind of people. What can I say, I like walking around my house barefoot without having to worry about potentially bringing dog pee into my bed. There are other reasons we don’t allow shoes (the hardwood floors being another), but either way, I get it’s a lot to ask people to take their shoes off. Being barefoot in someone else’s house isn’t all that comfortable, and socks can be slippery! To resolve this issue, we bought a pack of these ModLux spa slippers that we leave at our front door. They’re comfy, come in various sizes AND can be thrown in the wash after use. It’s a win win for everyone involved!


Now…WTF IS THIS?! Hear me out! This was a hit at our NYE house party. You take a piece of this special tissue paper, write your wish down, roll it in a cylinder shape and place it on this beautiful floral paper. Then, you BURN IT. Yes, with actual fire. It crumples up and takes off in flight, but not high enough to burn your ceiling. It’s the cutest thing ever and was such a fun way to bring in the new year as we all wrote down our wishes for 2019.


My lips get crusty as F this time of year. It’s equally scary & disgusting, so I have to have a lip balm handy on me at all times as I reapply it 75X a day. Lately, I’ve been using this fancy one from Dermalogica, and am loving it so far. It’s easy to apply with a twist applicator, it goes on smoothly and hydrates lips without being sticky or too greasy. It actually has anti-aging benefits as well (yes, your lips age too! SAD) – packed with hyaluronic acid and collagen boosting ingredients that reduce fine lines in the lips.


Okay, we have an obsession with CB2. Between our living room & bedroom set, our house is borderline out of a CB2 catalog and I am not ashamed. Recently, we did a mini remodel in our guest bath (bathroom reno video will be up on YouTube this week!), and added these chic AF black bathroom accessories from CB2. There are other CB2 goodies in the new bathroom as well, but you’ll just have to watch the video to find out more ;)!


Now that all the reno in our home is complete (with the guest bath being the last item on the list – THANK THE LORD!), we’ve been focusing more on home decor & scents as of late. Both Leo and I have this obsession with Le Labo (as you probably saw in my holiday gift round up), and recently came across the delicious diffuser oils they have for the home. It sparked the idea of getting a proper aromatherapy diffuser for our living room. Since the one at Le Labo is $600 (MADNESS), we found this wood & glass diffuser on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. We’ve been experimenting with various oils and somehow this little device is able to diffuse our entire living room & dining room area. Now, whether or not we splurge on the Le Labo diffuser oils…TBD.